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An Electric Garden Fence Keeps Deer Away

It’s never a good feeling to go outside to check your garden and find that your plants have been eaten or trampled on. Deer are on the top of the list of common garden intruders. The population of deer in North America continues to grow rapidly which means it’s not rare to find one nibbling on your tomatoes and lettuce. Luckily, an electric fence can keep these four-legged animals away from your vegetation.

In order to successfully keep deer out of your garden, it’s more important to have multiple concentric fences than a high garden fence. Deer can jump over 12ft  high, higher than just about any deer fence barrier. Deer have a hard time seeing a single strand aluminum wire fence outside your "normal garden fence" so they will often run into that first, causing them to bolt away. If they do not and jump that fence, when they come in contact with the second inner fence, that is usually more than they can stand and leave the area. 

If you want to improve the effect of the electric fence, there is a way to completely repel deer. Experiments have shown that spraying cloth strips with an odor-based deer repellant and hanging them on the electric fence helps to deter deer. For the best results, the cloth strips should be hung every 3 to 4 feet on top of the electric fence. Wildlife Research has shown that this method combined with the use of an electric fence was the most successful way to keep deer away from a property.

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