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  1. Field Guardian - Easyroll Reel 4 - Blue

    Easyroll Reel 4 - Blue 


    Easyroll Reeler 4 is a great reel for temporary fencing applications. It will hold a roll of 656 polywire or tape and is a great asset when rolling and unrolling temporary fences. Learn More
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  2. Spinning Jenny

    Spinning Jenny

    This is a Spinning Jenny used to payoff coils of wire. It anchors securely into the ground. It has a tension control and is adjustable for different coil inside diameters. Learn More
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  3. Uniroll Reeler

    Uniroll Reeler

    This is a good, inexpensive reeler for managing your small polytape and polywires. The diameter of the center hole is 5/8" Learn More
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  4. Econo Reel

    Econo Reel


    This Gallagher reel is a stout product made for polywire. It will hold approximately 1640' (1/3 mile) of polywire. Learn More
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  5. Uniroll Reel Support Post

    Uniroll Reel Support Post


    Uniroll reeler support post specially designed for the ABS Uniroll reeler. The overall length of the post is 47" and the spike that goes into the ground is 13". Learn More
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  6. Fence Reeler Spare Reel

    Fence Reeler Spare Reel


    Spare Reel for item 644270. The handle is not included with this Spare Reel, and is shown for demonstration purposes only in the picture. We no longer stock the Reel Handle (644270); this item is ideal for those that need extra spare reels for the Handle assemblies that they have already purchased.

    Learn More
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