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  1. Field Guardian - Digital Voltmeter

    Digital Voltmeter


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    A good digital meter used to test the voltage on an electric fence. Simple and easy to use. Learn More
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  2. Field Guardian - 5 Lamp Tester

    5 Lamp Tester

    Voltmeter with 5 lights with a usage range of 600 to 5,500 volts. It is ergonomic in design, well protected, and is equipped with an earth wire consisting of several supple filaments. Use for testing fence lines and grounding/earthing connections. Learn More
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  3. Gallagher SmartFix


    This Gallagher device is a voltmeter, current meter and a short finder all in one tool. An arrow on the LCD display indicates the direction the current is flowing and helps narrow down where a short is on the fence. Learn More
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  4. Gallagher Livelite - New version

    Gallagher Live Fence Indicator


    This Gallagher tester tells you in a flash if your power fence is operating or not. Excellent for distance monitoring.

    Learn More
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