We are putting together a list of fencing articles to provide more resources to help you make a more informed decision on the products that you decide to purchase, whether they are from us or another company.


Dairy Improves its grazing management by Karen Hoffman Sullivan, USDA-NRCS

Fences for the Farm by John Worley, Phd, University of Georgia Extension Service
Fences and Posts, Nuts and Bolts: Picking The Right Fencing by Melissa Davis
Planning & Buidling Fences on the Farm by University of Tennessee Extension
Protecting the homestead herd with electric fencing by Jerri Cook

Facilities and Equipment for Commercial Meat Goat Production by Susan Schoenian, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension
Goats in the Woods by Cornell University
Managing vegetation with goats by Cornell University
Training Goats to Electric Fence by Cornell University
Types of Fencing for Goats by Steve Hart, Lanston University 

Electric fences and horses. Is it Safe? by Univesity of Guelph
Equine Fencing & Building Options by Utah State University Extension Service
Fences for Horses by John Worley, Phd, University of Georgia Extension Service
Fence Planning for Horses by Penn State Extension Service
Safe Fencing for Horses by Kevin Kline, PhD, Professor of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois
Temporary Fencing for Horse Pastures by University of Kentucky Extension Service 

Can Fences deter Coyotes by Stan Gehrt, Ohio State University Extension Service
Electric Fencing for Sheep
by Gerald Fitch, Oklahoma Extension Service