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Solar Powered

Advantages of Solar Powered Electric Fences

There are many choices when it comes to electric fence supplies. One such option is a solar powered electric fence. Solar powered electric fences have some advantages over traditional electric fences. Solar fences are easily installed, and are a great option when installing in remote areas and in areas without easy access to electricity. They otherwise work just as other electric fence systems. Solar fences work in many different environments, but they do require significant exposure to sunlight. About once a month, you should check to see if the solar panels are still receiving adequate sunshine. It’s important to remember that when the seasons change, the direction of sunlight can change also.

Solar electric fences are great for containing livestock, particularly in remote areas. Containing livestock to a specific area can help to improve the quality of soil in that area due to the animal fertilizer. Solar electric fences require a solar electric fence charger and a battery. Many of these fences are able to stay charged for eight weeks, even when the solar panel doesn’t receive direct sunlight. Another great advantage to solar is that they often last for years. Solar powered electric fences are very efficient at keeping your animals and property safe and contained.

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