Considerations for Livestock Fencing

Before you select the fencing for your farm, you should be aware that the required fencing will be different depending on the type of livestock that you have.  Livestock fencing helps to control your livestock, keep them safe and secure, and also helps to keep predators away.  There are a few different factors to consider when selecting livestock fencing such as what animals you need fencing for, the number of animals that you need to contain, their average size and height, as well as how aggressive the animals are.  Different animals require different types of fencing containment.  Safety of the animals is of particular importance.

1) Horse fencing: Horse fencing should be highly visible as horses are known for bolting when they feel they are in danger.  Wood post and board fences can be great as far as visibility is concerned, but wire-strand electrified polytape fencing is typically more lightweight, cost efficient, and doesn’t require significant effort to install. 

2) Cattle fencing: Cattle fencing should be at least 54 inches tall.  High-tensile wire fencing is a great option for cattle.  In most cases, it’s best to make your high-tensile wire fence an electric fence. 

3) Hog fencing: Electrified high-tensile wire is a great option for hog fencing.  Panel fencing is another popular way to contain pigs.   

4) Sheep and goat fencing: Goats in particular are known for being very curious and resourceful creatures.  Goats are also wonderful at making their way out of containment.  Selecting the right fencing for your sheep and goats can make all the difference.  The right fence can determine whether you will be constantly chasing them down the street or not.  Electrified wire fencing can discourage animals from finding their way out of the fence, and is a great option for goats. 

Energizers are another important factor and which energizer is the right one depends on the animals being contained, as well as the size of the fenced area.  Choosing the right size energizer for your needs is paramount.  Farm Supply Store carries a variety of Field Guardian as well as Patriot fence chargers to help you get exactly the right product for your needs.