Tru-Test indicators are the fastest, accurate, most versatile and durable indicators in the world. All indicators feature Superdamp™ technology, unique to Tru-Test, to record accurate weights quickly, even with the liveliest animals. Within 3-6 seconds our weigh scales lock on a weight, and a bright stable light lets you know when it's ready to be recorded. An auto zero function also ensures any accumulation of animal dirt or manure is zeroed after the animal leaves the scale. Tru-Test indicators are compatible with all Tru-Test load bars. All indicators have internal battery, mounting brackets and a 2 year warranty and are IP67 environmental rated as well as 100% water and dust proof.

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QUESTIONSFEATUREXR5000-ID5000-EziWeigh7i- EziWeigh5i
- I would like to track my animals performance via EID tagsEID compatibleYESYESYESNO
- Register my animal movements w/ national traceabilityEID compatibleYESYESYESNO
- I want to take data files from my weigh scale to my PCPC interfaceYESYESYESNO
- Transfer data from the yards using my smartphoneAndroid App compatibleYESYESYESNO
- I want to draft my animals by weightDraft ways available)1033NO
- Draft my animals by other factors, (i.e origin or sire)Drafting by animal life and file dataYESNONONO
- I want my weigh scale to control an automatic drafterAuto draftingYESYESNONO
- I want to create a file for every sessionFile capacity (no. of files available)20050100NO
- I want to identify individual animal weightsIndividual animal weightYESYESYESNO
- I plan on storing all my information on the weigh scaleNumber of records available50,00010,00015,000NO
- I want to see weight gain for each animal as I weigh themWeight gainYESYESYESNO
- Calculate & view carcass weights at the weigh siteCarcass weight calculationYESNONONO
- I want to see the carcass value at the weigh siteValue calculationYESNONONO
- I want to record data specific to my operationConfigurable fields1111NO
- Create my own information field options, (i.e Angus)Custom (drop down) fieldsYESNONONO
- View weight history for an individual animal on one screen___Animal history tableYESNONONO
- View animal’s weight history as a graph on screenCustom (drop on screen graphing of data)YESNONONO
- I want a simple and accurate weight onlyEntry level weigh scalesYESNONONO