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    Extreme load cells are designed for specialized high capacity weighing applications with each cell having a capacity of 7,500 lb (3,400 kg). Designed for harsh environments the system is protected to prevent moisture and corrosion damage.

    - Rugged - strong and durable construction for extreme installations
    - Plug and play - factory calibrated with most Tru-Test scale indicators; span calibration may be required on older indicator models (Extreme Load Cells are factory calibrated to Tru-Test indicators when four cells are connected together. In applications that require only two cells span calibration is required.)
    - Cable connectors - wire joiners inside the Junction Box allow good wire contact and quick setup
    - Plated and sealed load cell - protects against moisture and corrosion damage in harsh environments
    - Mounting brackets - optional mounting bracket allows for fast and easy installation with various types of equipment (i.e. cattle chutes, large platforms)

    Cable Length 26 ft (8 m)
    Load Cell Diameter 2.75 in
    Cable Type 4 core cable. TPR conductor cover, blue PU outer
    Storage Temperature -5 to +120F
    Operating Temperature 15.0 to + 105 F
    Total Capacity 7,500 lbs per cell
    System Capacity (4 cells) 30,000 lbs
    Accuracy +- 1% or two resolutions, whichever is greater
    Weight 15 lbs

    Application Type:
    Suspended Overhead Chutes
    30,000 lbs (4 cells)
    Load Cell Diameter:
    Suitable For:
    Cattle, Buffalo, Group Weighing
    Weight (lbs):