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Variety of Fence Materials to Choose From 

So, you’ve decided to install a fence on your property, but you don’t know which type of material to use.  There are many different types of materials from which fences can be made and there are different factors that determine what type of fence would best suit your needs.  Elements such as weather conditions, the primary purpose of the fence, and the types and size of the animals you need to contain or keep off your property, are important to determine before purchasing a fence.  

Polytape is ideal for horses, temporary or permanent fencing, and rotational grazing.  It is highly visible, lightweight, will not rust, and is convenient to install and repair.  Reinforced polytape will better withstand wear and tear from animals and harsh weather conditions.  

Polywire is more visible alternative to steel or aluminum wire, is lightweight, and will not rust.  It is easily tightened, spliced, repaired, and rewound.  It is ideal for temporary or permanent fencing, rotational grazing, and controlled grazing. 

Polyrope is a great high visibility option for fencing.  With more wire strands woven through the rope, it has great conductivity as well as strength.  It is ideal for many fencing applications including rotational and controlled grazing. 

High tensile wire is affordable, low maintenance, safely contains most livestock, and is effective at keeping out predators.  It is ideal for permanent fencing.  

Finally, aluminum wire is long lasting, will not rust, and is very effective at carrying a charge.  It is ideal for temporary, permanent, or perimeter fencing.

If you have questions or need assistance in selecting a fence and fence material, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-967-9735

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  1. Field Guardian - 14 GA. Aluminum wire - 1/2 Mile

    14 GA. Aluminum wire - 1/2 Mile

    One 1/2 mile roll of 14 gauge (0.078in) aluminum wire made from high grade alloy with bright, shiny smooth finish to make it highly visible to livestock & humans. Made in the U.S.A Learn More
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  2. Field Guardian Mega Braid Polyrope

    Mega Braid Polyrope

    A temporary or permanent braided rope for electric fence that is designed to provide security as well as safety for horses and all other type animals. It is strong and durable, can stand alone as a permanent perimeter fence, or moved frequently and re-reeled for rotational grazing. Learn More
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  3. Field Guardian - 1.5" White Polytape - Reinforced - 825'

    1.5" White Polytape - Reinforced - 825'

    This is the highest quality 1.5" reinforced polytape on the market. It has UV protected polyethylene tape with 15 strands of 304 stainless steel wire. Very strong and highly visible this white tape is low maintenance and presents a very desirable appearance. Excellent warranty. Learn More
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  4. Field Guardian - 2" White Polytape - Classic Reinforced

    2" White Polytape - Classic Reinforced

    2" reinforced polytape with 18 stainless steel wires. This tape should be used where high wind conditions exist. Large diameter filaments make it an excellent product for permanent fence, heavy vegetation, stubborn animals, and high wind. Learn More
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