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  1. Speedrite - Polywire 6SS 200M White

    Speedrite - Polywire 6SS 200M White


    An economical choice for temporary fencing and strip grazing. 6 stainless steel strands for conductivity. 

    The Speedrite Poli range provides effective conductivity and strength for professional applications.

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  2. White Polywire - Blanfor - 656'

    White Polywire - Blanfor - 656'

    All purpose Polywire. This polywire uses 2 large diameter galvanized steel wires located on the outside of the filament for full exposure and contact with the wire. Learn More
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  3. Field Guardian - Blue Polywire - 656'

    Blue Polywire - 656'

    This Polywire is for permanent or temporary installations and provides an excellent high level of conductivity that allows for the use of high and low powered battery energizers. Learn More
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  4. Field Guardian - White Polywire - 656'

    White Polywire - 656'

    All purpose white Polywire with 6 stainless steel wires. This is a very conductive, highly visible wire great for temporary fence or for controlled grazing because of its simple respooling qualities. Learn More
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