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    Provides a warning if your fence voltage drops below the level required for effective stock containment. The Speedrite Fence Alert helps to protect your valuable livestock.

    • Warning light begins flashing when voltage is too low
    • Visible up to 1.5 km away
    • Rugged impact and water resistant case
    • Can be used on any type of electric fence including steel wire and portable poli products
    • Works with all energizers
    • No ground wires or external power sources required
    • Battery life 5 years on standby or up to 2 weeks of continuous flashing
    • Two preset voltage triggers can be selected
    • Replaceable CR2032 lithium button cell battery.

    * Product warranty excludes battery. Batteries fitted inside management tools have a 90 day warranty.

    The Fence Alert only lights up when your fence voltage drops below a set point; the cut-off point is adjustable with a simple switch on the back of the unit. The Fence Alert will NOT flash if your fence is working properly

    It will fit on wire as big as 8 gauge and polytape up to 1.5".

    No more walking fences at night as the light can be seen up to one mile.

    Please note that this model is designed for use with energizers that produce a pulsed charge, and is not recommended for use with solid-state or continuous-charge energizers.

    Voltage Range:
    0 to 5,000
    Warranty (year):

    Click HERE for the User Manual

    1. Up to what size wire will this tester work?
    - It works up to 8 gauge wires

    2. What is the largest size polytape that will work?
    - It will work on all polytapes up to 1.5" in width. The 2" polytape is just too wide to fit inside the clip without having to fold over the edges to make it fit.